Ready to  befriend your inner child and bring out your authentic self? Here’s everything you need to get started

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Manifest your learnings

Here you get several templates, meditations and excercises to manifest your learnings. Use them for free and share them with your family and friends to befriend your inner child or the inner child of your loved ones.

Inner Child Templates

Blank Sunchild and shadow child templates to print and fill out according to the books exercise. Download here:

The epicenter of everything is self-esteem. It is the source and nourishment of our psychological resources.

Inner Child Meditations

For a more intensive work with the inner child you will find here two fantasy journeys. The shadow child meditation and the sun child meditation. 

Beliefs arise during childhood and have long-lasting effects on our self-image.

Three Aspects of Perception

Use the ‘Three Aspects of Perception’ exercise as an effective way to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Free download here: 


Do you want the full insight, more real-life examples and excercises to befriend your inner child and bringing out your authentic self?

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