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45 Questions to find out your

HOW IT WORKSPlease tick only those statements that apply to you.
If you are currently single, please relate the questions to a past relationship that was important to you. You will receive instructions for the evaluation when you click on "Get result!"

I want my relationship to be harmonious, but when necessary I am well able to put forth my interests.
It sometimes happens that in harmonious moments with my partner, a quarrel can break out.
Sex with my partner is not as passionate as it was at the beginning of the relationship, but we are still able to enjoy it.
After the initial period of passion, I often lose sexual interest in my partner.
I often feel lonely in my relationship.
I believe that I am quite acceptable just as I am.
I often think of ending my relationship.
I have trust that someone can love me with all my weaknesses as well as my strengths.
Often I notice only later that someone's remark have wounded me.
I would like to have more closeness and passion in my relationship.
I inspect any potential partner very closely.
I often worry that my partner will leave me.
I'm happy to be around my partner, but I can well understand when he/she wants to do things without me.
My partner often changes our plans on short notice.
I've been single now for over five years.
I usually prefer down-to-earth partners who can cope with life well.
My relationship is characterized by a high level of reliability from both of us.
I often give my work and hobbies priority in a relationship.
My parents had a good marriage.
I need a lot of personal space in a relationship.
When we fight, my partner and I reconcile without being wounded or resentful.
It has often happened that I was unable to break free from a difficult partner.
I often wish that my partner would be more engaged in the relationship.
It is easy for me to open up to my partner when I have problems.
I give a lot of thought about how my partner feels about me and our relationship.
I often don't get what I want in my relationship.
After the first infatuation I often started having many doubts about my partner.
I feel free and genuine around my partner.
I don't like making compromises in a relationship.
I ofter have feelings of guilt because I can't love my partner as much as she/he loves me.
My relationship gives me a feeling of security.
I put a lot of effort into being enticing and attractive to my partner.
I feel 50 percent responsible for the success of a relationship.
There is a good balance of give and take in my relationship.
My partner often wants more closeness than I would like.
My partner's expectations often tie me up in knots.
I often consider the wishes of my partner (and of other people) to be more important than my own.
I often find it difficult to support my own interests.
If I'm honest with myself, I find that I let my partner get away with a lot of things.
Sometimes I am really turned off by my partner's weaknesses.
I'm annoyed when my partner makes plans, because I would rather be spontaneous.
My partner and I consider each other to be equals.
I would like to spend more time with my partner.
After I've been on holiday with my partner, I need some time on my own.
I get nervous when my partner takes a long time to answer my text messages.

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